Saturday, April 23, 2022

may you be well


On carriage road in

Acadia, eagle stands 

watched over by park

ranger. Just stands — Waiting to 

help — as we hike by

whether report

 Earth has had its day 

Woman met her deadline, and 

politicians lie —

Whether right, or right, it tips

Portending a new darkness

Friday, April 22, 2022

drop reality, pick one another up

 So many versions

This slice of truth, that one — take

Them both, correspond

do no harm to yourself

 To dwell ethically

in the world, do this: regard

everything as you

you are well within all things, dwell there

 We are not frightened 

by truth. Our reaction to 

and retreat from truth 

is what frightens us. Nothing

outside is a threat to us.

prayer prays itself

 Consciousness is what

Happens when nothing matters

Just this awareness


 Have you any fish? (He

asked them.) They threw their net. It

was crazy. The yield.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

see one, see all, see (each)

 zen is creation

as christ is creation, as 

is ... (word)...  poetry

working numbers

 for a brief moment

looking across room, snoring

dog, typing woman

you can’t see it, can you

Terror is founded on the idea that only killing guarantees meaning. All else seems feeble, uncertain, inadequate. On that foundation are built the various motivations used to justify the act of terror. And connected also to that foundation, in an obscure way that involves a metaphysical element, is blood sacrifice.

(—from: "The Unnamable Present" by Roberto Calasso)

not yet

ready to say ‘yes’

I am that person, those people 

I choose to destroy them

to shrink 

back into

narrow corridors of thought

my narrow mind

pinpointing landscape

pixel pocked

not flesh not blood

(shredding bodies destroying minds)

honoring my meaning

(f*ck yours

      they say)

righting the world

our christian ayes

blast Pheme

(f*ck jesus, that jew

      they say)

Ossa, can you see

so let’s begin the service

praise the lord

we are the good people

απομίμηση ή αφήγηση*

 Show it or tell it

We try to communicate

unfolding what is

…   …   …

              * imitation or narration

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

no talk of god; talk of what god is

 Presence. Is God. Yes.

You need not look up, around,

or within. Presence

no good answer, no good neighbors

 do you stand back when

you see someone being raped,

someone being slapped?

No, you step in. Why, why such

stand off while Ukraine is raped?

gathered here

 In wrinkled blanket

zendo, prayer flags, wood cross

tea candle, silence


 Huddling in basement

Mariupol holdouts breathe

In out in out… out

…   …   …

         ( * vydykhnuty, Ukrainian, exhale)

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

everything changes nothing

 Love itself I/you

Home you are I am just this

Nothing stands out/in

no rest for suzie

 dog flushes female

duck from rush, greenheads swooping

splash, she is beseiged 

the demanding touch

 cat must not have snacks

left in her bowl -- she rubs chair

and hand and ankle

seeing is not believing, seeing is saying goodbye

 once I thought large bird

crossed landscape of bald mountain --

I watch -- nothing there

as fog lifts

 mountain across way

stands and stares, sits in zazen --

tree tops up on ridge

don’t tell it slant

 Jesus has risen

But God has gone back to bed —

No one reads today

Myths survive, tales told; Child, dead,

his limbs blown off — book closes

do not touch that channel

I am shot dead, bomb

falls on house, children killed, world

says ‘we fear Russia’

Tune in tv, butter bread, 

program returns after ad

falling through wavering limbs

 wind and rain dim grey

morning; what does it mean to

say ‘Christ is risen?’

Monday, April 18, 2022

found ground (astounds)

 If you would found truth

(not find) you would start a poem —

natal poetry

camden harbor solo

 she rows green dory

by herself, Sam no longer 

sculls back to tie-up

we can always come back to life

Go ahead. Sprinkle water on somebody. It's Easter Monday.

Today is a very special day – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

People live as if they are dead. But if they know how to breathe mindfully and walk mindfully, they are resurrected. Resurrection is a practice. If Jesus Christ could do it, then we human beings like him can also do it. Jesus is the son of God and also the son of men and a child of the Earth. We are also the sons and daughters of men and children of God. We can always come back to life by practicing awakening, mindfulness.

(--Thich Nhat Hanh, in Resurrection as a Practice; also see )

sunlight on cedar branch

 One day gives way to

Another, birds make their noise

Cars down hill to town

we are here, to be, all, lone together

 Purring cat on arm

Sun through bamboo, red pillow

Octave Monday light

Sunday, April 17, 2022

noticing, today




It’s Easter!


You’re here!


That’s all.

       Thanks. I appreciate your noticing.

That’s Easter.

       What’s Easter?

You noticing.


True, you noticing, is Easter.


Yes, noticing, me, yourself, the world, it all…

       That’s Easter?



You’re welcome! You really are!

…   …   …


Our first language is Being.

Our second language is Being-With-Others.

Noticing this is the incarnation, resurrection, and ascension of the individual person into the community of creatures dwelling in the cosmos community of caring and compassion.

This transformation follows the process wherein the suffering ego finally dies and enters for a time the grave darkness of dissolution.

In this radical emptiness, a translucence.

A dropping away of mind and body; a reintegration of mind/body.

The emergence!

The emergence of sight and sound, smell and touch, hearing…what is there.

Noticing with…

Speaking with…

Working with…


….  …   …

Further inquiry: 

The noticing hypothesis is a theory within second-language acquisition that a learner cannot continue advancing their language abilities or grasp linguistic features unless they consciously notice the input. The theory was proposed by Richard Schmidt in 1990.[1] 


The noticing hypothesis explains the change from linguistic input into intake and is considered a form of conscious processing. It is exclusive from attention and understanding, and has been criticized within the field of psychology and second language acquisition. Schmidt and Frota studied noticing in Schmidt as a Portuguese language learner and collected their findings through diary study and audio recordings. The hypothesis was modified in 1994 in light of criticism. 


Schmidt posited that a learner cannot continue advancing their language abilities or grasp linguistic features unless they are consciously processing the input, and that what the learner actually notices is called "intake".[1] This definition differs from that of Krashen's input hypothesis in which intake is similar to comprehensible input, and that of Chaudron which separates intake into preliminary intake and final intake.[1]Therefore in order for the language someone is hearing to become salient and sent to long term memory where it can be used naturally, the learner must first actively be aware of aspects of language being presented to them.


...   ...   ... 


here and there seem two

but don't make two, don't make one

only (yes) here/there --

In-take, out-give, surround-dwell

the living breath of what-is