Saturday, April 27, 2019

all things

 Where do you begin?
It is our human nature that beckons to discover within ourselves the whole
human world and also the entire reality. We are constitutively open — not
only because the whole universe can penetrate us, but also because we can
permeate all of reality. Anima quodammodo omnia (the human soul is, in a
certain way, all things) said the scholastics, repeating Aristotle.
(--from Preface, Intrareligious Dialogue, by Raimon Panikkar)
Where do you end?

And what is the middle ...

behold what is becoming what is to be

Why did Jesus die?
"Christ is the ideal of humanity become existent." (In, The Essence of Christianity, by Ludwig Feuerbach)
To embody, transform, transcend, and make real the new revelation that God is becoming what we are becoming.

What we are becoming is within us to be.

Behold what is within without!

Friday, April 26, 2019


There is a dangerous uncertainty threatening our country.

Dangerous rhetoric from the chief executive.

Makes me ask — Is there any voice, any person, any corrective to the inflammatory, threatening, intimidating man posturing sole dominance and crude accrual of cynical rule in our shaky democracy?

Or has our time come? That time ending representative democracy and acceding to the will of a dominant minority?


Arnold Toynbee.

Signs of a collapse.

The end of America.

Given away by the people.

A television show.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

see through everything

Christ is the ground below us and the sky above us.

Jesus is one within earth and sky who realized and embodied each and all.

No separation now existed.

Where God is Christ is. Where Christ is Jesus is.

Where God is Christ is Jesus is you and I are.

The death event to separateness is the resurrection into new form of embodiment.

Some call it family, some community, some reality.

Some say it's name is consciousness, awareness, mind.

Our Buddhist friends say:
The pure wondrous dharmakaya of Amitabha Buddha is everywhere in the mind ground of all sentient beings. Thus it is said: “Mind, buddha, sentient beings: these three are no different.” It is also said: “Mind is buddha, buddha is mind. Outside of the mind there is no buddha. Outside of buddha there is no mind.”-    (--T’aego)   
Today is Easter Thursday. 

See through everything!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

now this

This is what is now.

Now is what is this.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

easter tuesday

I understand the form of government in the United States is changing from a democratic republic to an autocratic dictatorship.

That's just peachy.

 Now every citizen antagonistic to such change will have to travel to Washington DC to stand in protest until the offending parties to such a change are brought to their senses and relent their obtuseness and obstruction.

Citizens protesting will, of course, be fired upon, wounded and killed.

But they will prevail.

The offending president, senators, and sycophant hacks surrounding them will be taken down by a fierce battle between the know-nothing rump purists and the democracy infused revolutionaries supporting constitutional law and representative governance.

But for tonight, listening to compline in Maine from monks in France, I pull up covers.

And soon will fall asleep.

Christ is rising!

Monday, April 22, 2019

on and on

We talk of suicide after spaghetti and homemade sauce.

It is Earth Day.

It is Easter Monday.
Who says poets are so enthralled with mountains?
Mountains, mountains, mountains
I've raved on and on,
And they're still clamoring for attention.
If I climb an hour, I need to rest for three.
When your desk is piled full,
You just can't add anything more,
And when your withered stomach is full,
Who can keep eating?
So what good's even a faint scrap of mist or
I'll wrap it all up, send the whole bundle off
To my city friends.                    -- 
Yang Wan-li (1127-1206) (DailyZen)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

as you do to everyone

Haiku for Trappist monk after telling me he continues his cancer treatment tomorrow:

How do you treat cancer?
By smiling
                    At it
As you do to everyone
 Viele Gut!

easter calculus


they said

after a while

even though

they knew


was first

to their mind