Saturday, August 11, 2012

one plus two equals three

Origin, expression, convergence.

Contemplation, conversation, correspondence.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

It seems that what we have here is a failure to collate!

Collation and recollection into reconciliation.

At the hospital tonight the visits were

As all are...well.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Collectivity, complexity, convergence consciousness

In prison this morning Doris and I, waiting for Buddhist sitting to gather, talk of radial energy -- what we referred to as benevolent intention of presence, no matter who showed up, no matter who stayed.

Later, adjoining to the room where meetingbrook conversation was to take place,  Everett said to me that Tony had told him to stay in case I would be alone there -- a mission of pity for the volunteer if Tony noticed Doris to be alone in another room. Such kindness on their part! We laugh about it during the conversation attended, ultimately, by seven of us.

Tonight, at Friday Evening Conversation, Tom shows us the latest photo of a crop circle in England -- a Celtic knot, it seems, of 'no beginning/no end.' I mention radial energy, we look it up, and read the selection from The Cosmic Plenum: Teilhard's Radial Energy on the Stoa del Sol website:
"By death, in the animal, the radial is reabsorbed into the tangential, while in man it escapes and is liberated from it. It escapes from entropy by turning back to Omega: the *hominisation* of death itself... The universe is a collector and conservator, not of mechanical energy...but of persons. All round us, one by one, like a continual exhalation, 'souls' break away, carrying upwards their incommunicable load of consciousness. One by one, yet not in isolation. Since, for each of them, by the very nature of Omega, there can only be one possible point of definitive emersion--that point at which, under the
synthesizing action of personalizing union, the noosphere...will reach collectively its point of convergence--at the 'end of the world.' "

[Teilhard de Chardin, Phenomenon of Man, p. 272.]
Earlier, Saskia finishes her audits from July group. I have coffee with Ruth, my patient visitor compañera, at Highlands Cafe in Thomaston, our inaugeral tete-a-tete in this new venture.

At dust we walk the snow bowl with dogs aware how fortunate we are to share conversation, hospitality, nature, service, and time-itself together with our larger community.
"I would say there were a good many ways for a being to have a 'within.' A closed surface, irregular at first, may become *centered.*
A circle can augment its order of symmetry and become a sphere. Either by arrangement or the parts or by the acquisition of another dimension, the degree of 'interiority' of a cosmic element can undoubtedly vary to the point at which it rises suddenly on to another level. "
[Ibid, p. 89.]
"The essence of the real...could well be represented by the 'interiority' contained by the universe at a given moment. In that case evolution would fundamentally be nothing else than the continual growth of this 'psychic' or 'radial' energy, in the course of duration,
beneath and within the mechanical energy I call 'tangential,' which is practically constant on the scale of our observations..."
[Ibid, p. 143.] (from The Cosmic Plenum)
It seems we all suffer (patiently) from an interiority complex.

So it is, we sit and wait.

We stand and move.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

molto gratitudine

We are born every day. Some days the numbers have particular historical resemblance.

Misalliance aside, ours is to fall groundlessly through radical trust that all shall be well, all manner of things -- all though the falling free upholding intervals of loving gratitude for what has been, what now is, and what will come to be -- completamente bene!
Those blessèd structures, plot and rhyme--
why are they no help to me now
I want to make
something imagined, not recalled?
I hear the noise of my own voice:
The painter's vision is not a lens,
it trembles to caress the light
But sometimes everything I write
with the threadbare art of my eye
seems a snapshot,
lurid, rapid, garish, grouped,
heightened from life,
yet paralyzed by fact.
All's misalliance.
Yet why not say what happened?
Pray for the grace of accuracy
Vermeer gave to the sun's illumination
stealing like the tide across a map
to his girl solid with yearning.
We are poor passing facts,
warned by that to give
each figure in the photograph
his living name. 
(--From Day by Day by Robert Lowell)

Lowell is a good place to start for all us, poor and passing, facts. Then, welcoming:
Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Allow yourself to experience the transient nature of thoughts and feelings, welcoming everything that arises as Just this, not me, not mine. (--- Sandra Weinberg, "Eating and the Wheel of Life")
 Grazie, mio madre e padre -- intero famiglia -- amore, ciao!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Once cleared, everything...

Hate holds on. Love lets go.

Let it go. Let it go.

Unhold everything.

Once, I thought something and believed it.

Now, I believe nothing.

Other than this.

Simple and stupid -- clear everything else out.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Lauding holy now here

Peter said, "Lord, it is good for us to be here." it was, they say, a transfiguration.

When we forget, it will be easier, having seen the enormity and infinitesimal, to recall and this revisit
the holy here.

In Hiroshima, this day and month 1945, it is difficult to laud "here" amid nuclear bomb, death and destruction.

Still, we gaze at awful history, and at awe-full story, and remain human in our gaze.

Willing to be, trying to be, an insightful and compassionate place of (yes) ...peace.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Francis of Assisi knew he was a fool

So hot, so dry, so many places -- so few, with money and power, see any problem. Here's a point of view: if there was not such a fear of not having so much money, would they care enough to admit what is real and true? Pick up mindful mendicancy. Drop mendacity. Trust and act.

Evangelical poverty is a foolish act.