Saturday, June 17, 2023

reading precedes existence preceding essence

 What are you, reading?

I am what I am, reading —

If so, read well, you

move slowly

loom lightly morning

mechanical time rescinds

this breath this breath this

 …   …   …

loom (v.)

1540s, "to come into view largely and indistinctly," of uncertain origin. According to OED perhaps from a Scandinavian or Low German source (compare dialectal Swedish loma, East Frisian lomen "move slowly"), which is perhaps from the root of lame (adj.). Early used also of ships moving up and down. Figurative use from 1590s. Related: Loomedlooming.also from 1540s   (—Online Etymology Dictionary) 

dangers of the species

 Reading newspaper

So many awful events

Cruel cruel acts

why aliens don’t drink java

 Don’t look back you are

Not there —  coffee grounds spit out

To floor missing dog

Don’t look ahead, no one’s there

There is nowhere . . . you are not

is, there, god

As rain 

God falls



Being at
A time


Friday, June 16, 2023

native american man tells us he sees numbers mind scrolling

 eleven thousand

three hundred fourteen this June 

day -- absurd number

so who's looking who's counting

passing numerals gone, bye

where, you ask

 when this body be-

comes the mountain what looks out

will be what looks in-

to where future and past re-

side right there right there right there 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

one of us pees

 blossom fragrance night

yard with staring dog we stroll

closed gate empty road

end of tracks train stops

 The trend is to obviate truth.

By just lying, making up, knowingly defaming.

This behavior is prelude to oblivious obfuscation.

Meaning, you no longer exist.

from ill-being to well-being

Instead of "suffering," he prefers "ill-being." 

Shakyamuni Buddha often summarized his teachings into four noble truths: ill-being [duhkha], its cause, its end, and its cure. He was sometimes called a great physician, for there is a logic to this structure that is consistent with how medicine approaches physical dis-ease. A similar logic would also seem appropriate for other problems we want to solve, such as poverty, and when we try to understand economic "underdevelopment" according to this simple model, it helps to illuminate aspects of the issue that have often been overlooked or ignored.   (--Buddhism and Poverty, David R. Loy)

The movement, I suppose, from ill-being to well-being is what is to be undertaken.

Sounds like a haiku for cosmotheandric spirituality: 

What is

To be


qui dicis tu es

 secular buddhist

christian humanist ama

nesciri -- I am

nothing to no-one men-

dicant (as mind speaks)

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

bicycle on porch flat tire

 Zazen in zendo

Incense rises by Buddha 

Past cross up over

Madonna child trinity

Vigil candle hanging air 

to take your heart away

It’s only words. 

 If you don’t try to translate an experience into words, you simply have the experience, not thoughts, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch—they can all be experienced directly without words.

(-Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, “Do Thoughts Ever Stop?”, tricycle)

Let words rest. They work so hard to carry so much.

Let words just just sit there and look out experiencing the world without sound without trying to box and lift what might better be left where words happily rest in middle of moving clouds sweet smelling earth in morning stillness.

just the facts, mayhem

 He took what he took

Bluster, bluster, bluster, lie —

While all his fans fawn

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

he’s just a happy fella

Indictee arraigned

On thirty seven counts — each

raises more money 

a way of seeing the world

It is the feast of Anthony of Padua.

I try an AI experiment. 

I prompt with the word “cosmotheandry.”

Cosmotheandry is a term coined by Raimon Panikkar to describe a new way of understanding the relationship between God, the human, and the cosmos. Panikkar argues that these three are not separate entities, but rather three dimensions of a single reality. He calls this reality the "theoanthropocosmic mystery" or the "cosmotheandric intuition."

In cosmotheandry, God is not a transcendent being who is separate from the world. Rather, God is immanent in the world, present in all things. The human is also not a separate entity, but rather a part of the cosmos. We are not simply individuals, but rather interconnected with all other beings.

Cosmotheandry is a way of seeing the world that is both holistic and relational. It challenges us to see the interconnectedness of all things and to live in a way that is in harmony with the world.

Here are some of the key features of cosmotheandry:

    • It is a holistic view of reality that sees God, the human, and the cosmos as three dimensions of a single reality.
    • It is a relational view of reality that sees all things as interconnected.
    • It is a panentheistic view of God that sees God as immanent in the world, but not limited to it.
    • It is a call to live in harmony with the world.

Cosmotheandry is a relatively new concept, but it has the potential to be a powerful force for change. It can help us to see the world in a new way and to live in a way that is more sustainable and ethical.

Here are some examples of how cosmotheandry can be applied in the world:

    • In environmentalism, cosmotheandry can help us to see the natural world as sacred and to value it more highly.
    • In social justice, cosmotheandry can help us to see all people as interconnected and to work for a more just world.
    • In spirituality, cosmotheandry can help us to experience the divine in all things and to live a more embodied and connected life.

Cosmotheandry is a powerful and transformative vision of reality. It has the potential to help us to create a more sustainable, ethical, and just world.

Several things to ponder here. 

Monday, June 12, 2023

night office french monks

 Soon fades night light, cloud

Takes moon out of view   I saw

You, there, so briefly

this wide and turning arc

 That light in sky, there

Above buddha statue on 

Open window east

Itself looking back turning

Between dreams this middle night

Sunday, June 11, 2023

it is time

 See the cosmos as the body of god

Coffee brews, there are chocolate donuts

Sunflower seeds fill empty feeder

Earth is our body

Green these days in Maine

Mountain seemingly unmoving

Christ — what is being sent — dwells

In wavering leaf fluttering wings chimpmunk

At seed repository

We are bodied blooded beings

A red pickup truck passing left to right

See me see us prayer flags in morning sun

custodiat animam tuam

 When does a

Body become 


When it




No one else


sic et non


To everything

Until no

Says otherwise

Then, again