Saturday, May 17, 2014

What, in the name of what is holy, is truth?

The war raging in America is between those who know what is certain and those who don't know what might be.

Both truth and lie associate with unpleasant companions.

But it is the lie that attracts most attention. Truth stays in the shadows.
If the mind congeals in one place and remains with one thing, it is like frozen water and is unable to be used freely: ice that can wash neither hands nor feet. When the mind is melted and is used like water, extending throughout the body, it can be sent wherever one wants to send it. This is the Right Mind.  
(—Takuan Soho, “The Right Mind and the Confused Mind)
Racism, sexism, elitism -- these lies are belief systems too powerful to overturn.

Watching the 2013 "Let the Fire Burn" on Independent Lens about Philadelphia 1985 confrontation with MOVE. Sorrowful. And discouraging.

Those that pray and meditate are residents of the unknown and uncertain.

Religions cannot abide those that pray and meditate.

They are dangerous.

The see what is wrong.

They see the lie of the war.

They long for truth to be felt and followed.

In the name of what is holy.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Had I known this sooner...

The future is god.

Who believes in god?

The earth is Christ.

It suffers for us; it suffers us.

God is the meaning of the future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014




Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is the sound of wholeness moving through reality?

At practice, we sit for 30 minutes, then read from What’s Next After Now, Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life, by Steven Harrison. The chapter “Surrender to What?”
This is the nature of dialog. It takes place when we’re talking with each other from a shared, open space. The language that comes out is infused with that totality. Dialog is not a debate. It’s not a philosophical discussion. And so it goes directly into our lives. Dialog means relationship, contact, and community. It means deep feeling with no escape. If dialog is anything, it is the expression of wholeness moving through reality, each of us engaged with the other.
The brilliance of wholeness is that it does innately express itself; it even expresses the inability to express. The expression may be silence. It may even be, on rare occasion, philosophical discussion. (pp.34-35)
He’s writing about quantum reality, life itself, infinite possibilities, unmanageable appearance.

Like being told that a young man with brain cancer, grandson of a practitioner friend, has little time left.

We leave a vigil candle lighted in the chapel/zendo.

In prison this morning, approaching Bible Literature as two questions:
  • Have I got your attention yet?
  • Are you listening?
Wholeness moving through reality.

The sound of it!

Monday, May 12, 2014

monday yurt spring

A hermitage

a place where silence and solitude

reside, at home, dwelling.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

where things go when they fall

Sitting with Quakers


                 Spring finally

                          Life seeps out