Friday, September 26, 2003

We bring Tolle, McPhee, Ingram, D.T.Suzuki into prison and meet Fulghum, Richie, Ryan, Bob, and Joe in there.

A steady wind scours the autumn moon
From a stagnant pool,
From the crystal spring every place pure now
Just as it is.
Why, then, does karma yet coil and bind?

- Miao Yin (376–380)

If we think we stray from the central axis of our life, the longing, the pull, (some once only said 'guilt') draws us back to the reality beyond thinking, the center point, the axis itself.

Some say, to God. Some say, to the awareness of God.

Forgiveness asks into our midst this time, Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur. Bob asks how to deal with the past.

Now. With acceptance and surrender.

We forgive. Are forgiven.

Until we become aware, there is nothing to forgive.

We are, we become, forgiveness itself.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Note: The bookshop/bakery will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll be back Thursday. There will be no scheduled conversations until Thursday Evening.

Suzuki Roshi said that there realy are no enlightened beings, there is only enlightened activity.

It seems a flower, but not a flower;
It seems a mist, but not a mist.
It comes at midnight,
It goes away in the morning.
Its coming is like a spring dream
That does not last long.
And its going is like the morning cloud.
You will find it nowhere.

- Bai Juyi

Even going for a drive is nothing special.

So, we go for a drive.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Local Buddhist Meditation Group pulls into driveway. Their regular place must be locked this morning. The cabin is here, unlockable, and open.

There's no need to go anywhere. If we wish to pray, pray where we are. If we wish to meditate, meditate right here. If we wish to enter the liturgy of transformation and transfiguration, remember the word and ground of being itself.

You can’t try to do the cut,
But you can intend to be that person
That the cut is expressed through.
Staying close to the point of emergence
Is your benchmark.

- Ji Aoi Isshi

The point of emergence -- one's body, one's mind -- nature itself.

Mu-ge heals well and returns to samurai-cat attacking anything that moves and the walls themselves in their stillness.

Sando looks more and more like an aging dog decided to become a dust mop.

Cesco is the busy boy, whose personal space radius expands with every foot nearing his black and white Border collie perimeter, barks and furrows forehead in complaint.

Across road neighbor worships at lawnmower.

The temple, monastery, zendo, church, mosque, and meeting hall are all in our presence.

This morning, may our presence be with us...and with all nearing their presence.

Fresh cut grass!

The scent of transformation!