Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jesus is in you as you host one-an-other

Walking long road into dusk

Canada geese chorus lamenting 

Something in another field

Thought of turning under corn

As socially constructed ground 

Opens to reveal 

Unseeable sea taking lives into her

Please note

As it is, there will be no formal Saturday Morning or Sunday.Evening Practice this weekend (10-11Oct).

The chapel/zendo and bookshed remain available for your use.

Keep us in mind.

Friday, October 09, 2015


Montreal has too many exits, bridges, buses and cars. As does, inexorably, Boston, New York and San Francisco. I spill my coffee on jeans and leg at border. It was cold coffee, a cool and rainy day, and away from home for Thanksgiving in Ontario.

Passing through Colebrook NH, my first time, I gassho Dennis Joos who was shot and killed here in 1997. We were schoolmates in the early sixties in Callicoon NY. He was a writer, became editor of the local paper, and was a good fellow. Whimsical.

He died trying to save a woman from a man who'd just killed two state troopers. 

There are ladybugs at the lampshade beside the bed.

There is sorrow at the memory passing through.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

re-thinking thinking as feeling, seeing, saying

What’s wrong, said poet Richard Hugo, will always be wrong.

What’s not wrong is our inner response to what’s wrong.

The inner response, I suspect, is the only place what is wrong doesn’t own the day and the real estate of greed and delusion.

Think about it. See what is taking place. Say your mind, caring and carefully. Feel what is there and real to feel.

The world is dangerous. People do awful things to each other. Deceit and betrayal are commonplace.

But if you can see your way clearly through the exterior corruption and external chaos into interior understanding and internal peace of personal trustworthiness, there is a small instance of integrity, a core of integration that makes its way with grace.

There’s no saving the world. There’s no happy ending. There’s no rapture come to Jesus second coming clarion justice visited upon the world.

What there is, is you, saying no to perverse belief in perversity, saying yes to simple trustworthiness characterized by simplicity.

Feel it?

Think so!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Neils Harrit says of the Goddess of Justice, with blindfold, sword in one hand, and scales in other, the meaning is only hard evidence, not personal opinion, should matter. “You can say that science is blind, and justice is blind, but we are not dumb.”          
 ( from, 9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 4/5)                                                                                   
Delusion is a big problem.

By the time we realize we are delusive, what once was considered real has become obtuse apology, followed by the exhortative, “now let’s move on.”

It’s enough to make you wish for better myths and fantasies.

Or that God would remain what God is -- silent and unseen.

It is the feast of Bruno. He cultivated the silent and the unseen, the Carthusian way of life.

Gott sei dank!

Monday, October 05, 2015

harbor joys

Steve rows out.

Lobster boat circles before heading out.

Jon rows out.

I read students’ papers at harbor.

Monday morning rituals.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

so many rivulets –

White dog rapprochement with wily grey cat the morning of St. Francis' feast day.

Also, happy birthday Rokie!

Eight terrific years!

What a gift!

“He savored in each and every creature –

as in so many rivulets –

that Goodness which is their fountain-source.” 
                                      (–Bonaventure, about Francis)