Saturday, March 08, 2003

Saturday morning sun. Room tidied after years of debris. Dust motes laze about cleared spaces. Floating in beams of sunlight through dormer window.

Settling into breath. A change of heart? The exchange of the dust we are with each other. Dust to dust. Breath to breath. Heart to heart.

Is Christ the intersection, the thin place, the connection?

Dust motes float this morning. This desk. This silence. This looking.

Friday, March 07, 2003


40 days of intentional stillness (whether at rest or in motion), intentional prayer (whether listening or speaking), and intentional service (with one’s self or with Oneself Itself).

The Hermitage attempts to settle into itself and move through itself with stillness, prayer, and service. Meetingbrook intends to look into and through these 40 days. We meet each and all who visit one another in God’s dwelling place.

It is now time to tie together earth and heaven. We, each of us in prayer, enter into the connection, and move through the inseparable sacred reality of earth/heaven.

May all dwell in peace during these days! May we overcome war, which divides, and surrender into the connection with prayer and lives of prayer!