Saturday, September 24, 2016

life without opposite, amen

Here, we are, beginning again, opening mouth and heart and mind to you, to what is true and what is created new with every view seeing love emerge!

In the name of our father/mother, and of us all, and of that which is -- holy -- as it was in he beginning, still is now, and ever will be, what we call the world, endless and boundless, we say yes, and yes...

Let us pray

Friday, September 23, 2016

deer me

Standing in middle of street in St Andrews by the Sea after day of rain.

Earlier, the other way, sharing road with a few apple eaters.

A piece of cherry pie -- is what I choose with chai tea.

And all is well.

monks' hour


Lighthouse to east.

Monastics, earlier, (como si), on edge.

The darkness and solidity of attending -- (¿cómo se dice?) prayer.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

秋天 - qiūtiān (autumn in Chinese)

jing, (revere, or take reverential care of)

Reading Chinese philosophy first day of autumn.
The idea that a kindness received has the power to induce the recipient to respond in kind continued to be an important aspect of the concept of de and contributed to the development and conception of what were to become key Confucian virtues. This mutual dynamic of de "virtue or "kindness and bait "response was thought to be in the very nature of things; some early thinkers seemed to believe it operated with the regularity and force of gravity. At the very least, it was thought to be a natural and spontaneous tendency of human nature. In poetry of the period, we find examples such as the following:
     There are no words left unanswered, 
     No de "kindness" left unrequited           [without bao].
(--p. xii Confucian Moral Self Cultivation, by Philip J Ivanhoe, c.2000)

Just to be alive -- 

On a Thursday. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

au revoir à l'été

O Canada

summer packs bags

Leaves out of Fredericton

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

watching homeland

It's so difficult knowing someone is right when they don't know it about themselves.

Probably what a psychotherapist or zen master experiences everyday.

no, thanks, I'll pass

Last days of summer.

There are cats in this room.

An indefinite sense of disconnection.

Washing machine runs.

see me feel me touch me conceal me

I am

Out of touch

For a while

In order

To find out

What is

Going wrong

With being

In touch

Monday, September 19, 2016

morning arrives

Morning sitting.

Morning prayer

Sunday, September 18, 2016

love is too naked and empty for us.

The woman wanted to know why fear, as in fear of the lord, should be touted as a desirable thing -- why fear?

It's because fear in this case suggests terror in the face of love.

If, as some suggest, god is love, then it is that we have terror about what love demands -- demands, not like a martinet threatening us with pain and punishment -- but terror at the demand of love to let go of anything other than love.

The prospect of dropping all opinions, judgments, and beliefs -- is terrifying to us.

To stand defenseless and vulnerable in the presence of what is there with open readiness to accept and receive what is there for your absorption -- is a fearful and unnerving prospect.

Love is too naked and empty for us.

There's nothing to hold onto.

There's only a voidness of presence without concealment surrounding our unveiling release of anything we've thought was us -- now dropped -- a falling away that has no precedence but imaginative oblivion where no calling out has any sound nor any glance a thing to see.

Here we are in love.

"Love is" -- the woman said on sun porch today.


Love is without anything that is not itself.

It is within itself and nothing other.