Saturday, June 09, 2018

hello, we feel; and bye, we trust

From weekly summary, Center for Action and Contemplation, Richard Rohr,
  “To worship was formerly to prefer God to things, relating them to him [sic] and sacrificing them for him. To worship is now becoming to devote oneself body and soul to the creative act, associating oneself with that act in order to fulfill the world by hard work and intellectual exploration.” [3](—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Christianity and Evolution, trans. René Hague (Harcourt Brace & Co.: 1969), 92-93.) 
Teilhard indicated that “the total Christ is only attained and consummated at the end of universal evolution.” [3] . . . That is, the Christ of the physical universe, the Christ of all humanity, the Christ of all religions. In this respect, Christ is not a static figure, like a goal post with a gravitational lure, toward which the universe is moving. Rather, Christ is in evolution because we, human and nonhuman creation, are in evolution. . . . We must take seriously the impact technology and science are causing on the shape of life in the universe. . . . 
Technology can be defined as the organization of knowledge for the achievement of practical purposes. We may also describe it as the development of mechanical devices by the human community in its efforts to control or exploit the forces of nature. Throughout history, humans have been inventive in various ways, enhancing human life through means of technology. . . . The development of technology expresses the human’s self-development and self-expression through matter [i.e., the human capacity to be creative]; it is integral to being the image of God and thus integral to authentic self-realization. . . . 
The notion of the human as a dynamic image of God, with a vocation to develop this image by evolving dialogue with the material cosmos, sets technology in a wider framework that provides strong religious, moral, and humanistic controls on its exploitation. . . . [4] (— Ilia Delio, Christ in Evolution (Orbis Books: 2008), 157-159.)
 Cool breeze through early sun with waking birdsong. Cars roll toward town. Woodpecker practices on Han.

Say it — there is nothing else.

Only this.

And you are at beginning and end in same instant — a metal tone in transitioning wind chime a swirling invitation at bamboo hollow for what is passing through and by.

Hello, we feel; and bye, we trust!

Friday, June 08, 2018

despite what you think

A heart

that feels

the world

is holy


what is


to be

Thursday, June 07, 2018

weather bombast

There’s climate change and global windbaggery taking place in the nations capital.

63 million people look at their timepiece.

Surely it’s time to end the recess.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

normandy and a hotel kitchen

Thousands were slaughtered on the beaches of Normandy.

Robert Kennedy fifty years ago was assasinated by a man who was hypnotized.

Sirhan remembers nothing about the shooting.

I don’t think we know enough.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

as far as God

Rainy morning Office of Readings. 
I am gripped by two/three thousand year old psalms that capture contemporaneous culture of our times.
I’m not sure there is the same expectation now as then that “the Lord” will protect us and help us.
“For the poor who are oppressed and the needy who groan
I myself will arise,” says the Lord.
“I will grant them the salvation for which they thirst.” 
The words of the Lord are words without alloy,
silver from the furnace, seven times refined. 
It is you, O Lord, who will take us in your care
and protect us for ever from this generation.
See how the wicked prowl on every side,
while the worthless are prized highly by the sons of men. 
Help, O Lord, for good men have vanished:
truth has gone from the sons of men.
Falsehood they speak one to another,
with lying lips, with a false heart. 
May the Lord destroy all lying lips,
the tongue that speaks high sounding words,
those who say: “Our tongue is our strength;
our lips are our own, who is our master?”
(— from Psalm 12, A cry for God’s help against powerful oppressors)
The white border collie goes downstairs to be let out. Gregorian Chant drifts from speaker in hallway. Perhaps God has not changed. I think our conception of God has changed. We’re unsure where to look. Or how to pray. Or if there is anyplace else. Or any other time than now.

Is God not? Or silent and absent? Or is God under our feet, in our hands,  our seeing eyes, hearing ears, feeling breath?

Let us be neither dogs that do not bark nor silent onlookers nor paid servants who run away before the wolf. Instead let us be careful shepherds watching over Christ’s flock. Let us preach the whole of God’s plan to the powerful and to the humble, to rich and to poor, to men of every rank and age, as far as God gives us the strength, in season and out of season, as Saint Gregory writes in his book of Pastoral Instruction.                               (—in Second reading, From a letter by Saint Boniface, bishop and martyr. The careful shepherd watches over Christ’s flock)
And Christ?

Is Christ to be? Awakened in our awakening? No longer suffering mankind but realized companionship?

Was it easier to chronicle a linear historical narrative of scriptural orthodoxy handed down edict by edict, synod by synod, and bow obediently?

Or, to take unsuspected responsibility for the creation, culture, and society before us, asked by it to enter wholeheartedly into an artistic and spiritual engagement that longs pragmatically to transform and transfix what is real and here into What Is Real and Here.

Is Christ the realization of the true nature and relationality of each to each with caring, compassionate thought and activity toward what is here and What Is Here?

Cat comes to tell me it is time for breakfast.


The ideological clash between right and left threatens to materialize into a violent clash rife with bullets, bombs, and beatings.

This is not good news.

It feels like we’ve invited a provocateur to head of government and he delights in setting two differing approaches on fire with loud explosions.

I think we’re in for a hard and difficult time.

And love has nothing to do with it.


There is no love in this upcoming turmoil.




Monday, June 04, 2018

until (it transforms us)

There are times when the middle way of Buddhism, the no way of Taoism, and the out-of-my-way of existentialism combine with the no-periphery omnipresent center of Einstein to leave me nowhere to be found.
The creative, transformative dance between attachment and detachment is sometimes called the Third Way. It is the middle way between fight and flight, as Walter Wink describes it. [1] Some prefer to take on the world: to fight it, change it, fix it, and rearrange it. Others deny there is a problem at all. “Everything is beautiful,” they say and look the other way. Both instincts avoid holding the tension, the pain, and the essentially tragic nature of human existence. 
The contemplative stance is the Third Way. We stand in the middle, neither taking the world on from another power position nor denying it for fear of the pain it will bring. We hold the hardness of reality and the suffering of the world until it transforms us, knowing that we are both complicit in evil and can participate in wholeness and holiness. Once we can stand in that third spacious way, neither directly fighting or fleeing, we are in the place of grace out of which genuine newness can come. This is where creativity and new forms of life and healing emerge. 
(—Richard Rohr)
 It is the word “until” that catches my attention.

and the mirror unreflects

There are two things that capture my attention:

Oh my! They’ve disappeared.

I now have nothing that captures the nothing that is my attention and the nothing that is me.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

enter here and despair

Note: These are surprisingly, eerily, prescient.
From Matthew Chapman tweets, 1june18, @fawfulfan :

"Believe it or not, Trump's insane proclamation that he will keep tariffs in place until there are no more Mercedes on Fifth Avenue gave me a moment of clarity.

I think I finally understand Trump's economic philosophy now. And we are absolutely screwed."

"The one thing that you need to understand about Trump is that he is, at his core, a con man with no empathy.

Therefore, he assumes that all other people are also con men with no empathy, and every exchange of goods and services that exists in the world is, on some level, a con."

"Trump assumes every transaction in the world — between people, businesses, nation-states, even between two different agencies of the same government — has a winner and a loser, a scammer and a sucker. He believes if you're not ripping someone off, you're getting ripped off."

"From an economist's perspective, this is complete nonsense. Unless there are major information asymmetries or distortions of market power, and often even then, most transactions are generally to the mutual benefit of both parties.
Otherwise no deals would ever get made."

"But Trump — the man who created a fake university, made stiffed contractors, hired the mob, and filed for bankruptcy six times — cannot believe his.

So he goes out of his way to cherrypick how he sees the world, so that everything we do looks like either a ripoff or a steal.

It's not simply that Trump *doesn't* think the Paris Climate Agreement, Iran nuclear deal, TPP, NAFTA, or luxury cars from Germany are a good deal for America. It's that he *can't* think that.

It's an alien concept to him that a deal other people want with us could also help us.

To Trump's mind, the mere fact other countries sought out these deals with us, and that their own economies benefit, is unassailable proof we got ripped off.

He can't see the evidence they helped us too. His mind will only cherry-pick potential ways it could be bad for us."

"This is why Trump will never, ever, be able to negotiate with the rest of the world. He doesn't believe in mutual benefit.

The second anyone tells him "this is your end of the deal" he'll rip it up. He believes only one party can have an end of the deal, and it shouldn't be him."

"This is why Trump will never, ever, be able to negotiate with the rest of the world. He doesn't believe in mutual benefit.

The second anyone tells him "this is your end of the deal" he'll rip it up. He believes only one party can have an end of the deal, and it shouldn't be him.

And we're not just screwed on foreign policy, but domestic. This explains his behavior over DACA, spiking two bipartisan deals even though they were what he asked for.

He assumed if Democrats were willing to talk, his deal wasn't ripping them off, ergo it would rip him off.

That implies if Democrats win Congress, we are going to enter an all-out legislative standstill like we've never before seen.

Our system is entirely reliant on compromise and compromise isn't compatible with Trump's beliefs. We will struggle to pass even basic reauthorizations."

"So yeah: our nightmare is not going to end until we get this pathological con man out of office.

He is not just bad at being president, he has a defective way of seeing the world that is not compatible with being president.

And we will pay for it."


(--From Matthew Chapman tweets, 1june18, @fawfulfan)

is this true

I’m thinking of telling you something you don’t know.

We’ll call it non-fact.

You are sitting somewhere reading this.


You are writing this here with me.

Beyond this, you are the reader wondering why and whether it matters who does what where.