Friday, August 13, 2004

Whatever we think of God, God is no doubt a simpler and stranger reality.

The composer wanted to talk about Cape Breton. So too the educator, and the film administrator. Others are just watching. Many are unsure what to think.

What does Maha mean?
Maha means great.
The capacity of the mind
Is broad and great, like space;
It has no boundaries;
It is neither square nor round
Neither great nor small;
Neither blue nor yellow;
Neither long nor short;
Neither anger nor joy;
Neither right nor wrong;
It has neither head nor tail.
All Buddha lands are like space.
The wondrous nature of all is
Fundamentally void and does
Not contain a single thing.

- Altar Sutra

We rise at 5:55am, sit for 40 minutes, walk for 10, chant or recite. Today tea and toast with man who brought Bolivian incense.

At conversation tonight reading about love and peace in Islam.

In the film Solaris there is a question as to what constitutes a human being, and the curious aspect of repetition.

If we are grounded in love, not a single thing can split or separate us.

Does the word 'element' really mean 'God out of mind'?

No mind sees God.

As it is.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Wandering Cape Breton was wonderful.

Dinner with Katy and Joe a feast of Italian cooking and generous hospitality.

As rivers flowing into the ocean find their final peace,
and their name and form disappear,
even so the wise become free from name and form
and enter into the radiance of the Supreme Spirit
who is greater than all greatness.

(Mundaka Upanishad 3.2.8)

When the right combination is found, tumblers tumble open.

The sound we hear right now is the sound of the open.

We taste, and see.

Sacred sensuous.