Friday, October 13, 2006

Writing love letters to those who do not love you can be a loving practice.

Know the essence of mind. Its intrinsic essence is pure clarity. It is essentially the same as a Buddha. Know the functions of the mind. Its functions produce the treasure of teachings. When its activity is always silent, myriad illusions become suchness. Constantly be aware, without stopping. When the aware mind is present, it senses the formlessness of things. Constantly see your body as empty and quiet, inside and outside communing sameness. Plunge the body into the realm of reality, where there has never been any obstruction. Keep to unity without shifting. With constant presence, whether active or still, the student can see the Buddha nature clearly.
- Tao-hsin (580-651)

Reality is where we wish to live.

Let's be remarkable.

Let's read and write love letters.

It's good practice.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The beauty of Cape Breton gave itself to us.

To know that the one good is balance and yet not to reach balance, to know all phenomena are mind and yet not to understand mind; this is confusion. To know the matter of birth and death is serious and yet not to realize birthlessness, to know impermanence is swift and yet not to realize there is fundamentally no speed; this is confusion.
- Records of the Lanka

I am often confused.

If you would speak with me, you'd know how confusion gives itself to me.

And yet, I rest in the doubt that only those that love God dare question.

Just ask.