Saturday, November 09, 2019

room 2


Man with brain tumor

To one


many arrivals

God is origin of expression.

When what is seen is not yet apparent.

What is being conceived is not yet revealed.

This is what God will be when light and sound initiate and instantiate what is realizing itself as itself moving toward what is coming to be.

Step into this


Friday, November 08, 2019

holons within holon

Self dissolution

Where what is not

Solves itself

with singular



...   ...   ...

Ish, together with its plural form anashím (which at times also serves as the plural of enósh), has primarily the thought of “man,” or a person, an individual. It has no such overtones as human, mortal or able-bodied, although inherent in it is the thought of strength as of a male. The word ish does not appear in the Scriptures until after the word for woman, ishsháh—a man with a womb—appears, for in the strictest sense of the word only then did an ish become apparent; before that he was called the human, adám.
Ish, with its emphasis on the person, the individual, is the choice of Bible writers when writing about a “man of God,” and a “man of discernment.” When Nathan confronted King David with his sin, Nathan used this word. Did he say, “You yourself are the”—mortal? human? able-bodied man? No, but, “You yourself are [the one] the man!”—Josh. 14:6; Prov. 10:23; 2 Sam. 12:7.(--The word 'Man' in Hebrew - An Examination of the Hebrew Words 'Ish', 'Adám', 'Enósh' and 'Geber'

Thursday, November 07, 2019 much to be reminded of

Could be I needed a reminder of my first name.

Or that I lived in DC as an undergraduate at the Catholic University of America.

But that was long ago.

Perhaps I wish to be reminded of Shaddai. Of the Shema.

Hebrew Shin / SinEdit

Orthographic variants
Various print fonts
Hebrew letter Shin handwriting.svg
Hebrew letter Shin Rashi.png
Hebrew spelling: שִׁיןThe Hebrew /s/ version according to the reconstruction shown above is descended from Proto-Semitic *ś, a phoneme thought to correspond to a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative  /ɬ/, similar to Welsh Ll in "Llandudno".

In JudaismEdit

Shin also stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God. Because of this, a kohen (priest) forms the letter Shin with his hands as he recites the Priestly Blessing. In the mid 1960s, actor Leonard Nimoy used a single-handed version of this gesture to create the Vulcan hand salute for his character, Mr. Spock, on Star Trek.[7][8]The letter Shin is often inscribed on the case containing a mezuzah, a scroll of parchment with Biblical text written on it. The text contained in the mezuzah is the Shema Yisraelprayer, which calls the Israelites to love their God with all their heart, soul and strength. The mezuzah is situated upon all the doorframes in a home or establishment. Sometimes the whole word Shaddai will be written.
The Shema Yisrael prayer also commands the Israelites to write God's commandments on their hearts (Deut. 6:6); the shape of the letter Shin mimics the structure of the human heart: the lower, larger left ventricle (which supplies the full body) and the smaller right ventricle (which supplies the lungs) are positioned like the lines of the letter Shin.
A religious significance has been applied to the fact that there are three valleys that comprise the city of Jerusalem's geography: the Valley of Ben Hinnom, Tyropoeon Valley, and Kidron Valley, and that these valleys converge to also form the shape of the letter shin, and that the Temple in Jerusalem is located where the dagesh (horizontal line) is. This is seen as a fulfillment of passages such as Deuteronomy 16:2 that instructs Jews to celebrate the Pasach at "the place the LORD will choose as a dwelling for his Name" (NIV).
In the Sefer Yetzirah the letter Shin is King over Fire, Formed Heaven in the Universe, Hot in the Year, and the Head in the Soul.
The 13th-century Kabbalistic text Sefer HaTemunah, holds that a single letter of unknown pronunciation, held by some to be the four-pronged shin on one side of the teffilin box, is missing from the current alphabet. The world's flaws, the book teaches, are related to the absence of this letter, the eventual revelation of which will repair the universe.
cf. Vulcan Salute, “live long and prosper”  

Let us repair


An inner / outer


poem, september 27, 1971, by daniel berrigan


A Chinese ideogram
shows someone
by his word.
Fidelity. Freedom
on the accepted
necessity of
walking where
one’s word
Hebrew prophets and
singers also
struck the theme;
bodies belong
where words
though the com-
mon run of exper-
ience be
that stature
shrinks as
the word
The synthesis;
no matter what (or
better) never                                                                                    
the less.  

    (--Daniel Berrigan in, And the Risen Bread: Selected Poems, 1957-1997)

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

madre mía

Are the Tibetans right? Has every sentient being been my mother in one of millions of prior incarnations? How do I begin to think of such a thing?
There’s a saying in Tibetan Buddhism that while we might start off with a personal teacher, at some point the entire phenomenal world becomes our guru. 
This adage expresses the idea that all internal and external phenomena can be a catalyst for awakening. But it’s also true that nature, in particular, is a great teacher. The natural world continually arises as a vivid and ephemeral display. By tuning in to it through our sense perceptions—by hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling the natural world fully—we discover a connection with a deeper and more awake dimension of our being, one that is free from the usual overlay of our conceptual thoughts. As guru, the natural world reveals that being present with things as they are can be a transformative experience.
(—In Lion’s Rohr, The Natural World as a Powerful TeacherBY 
Thank you mom, and mom, and mom! 

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

standing by one’s word, fidelity

All in all, I have nothing to say.

God is the origin of expression.

Let it be so...

Monday, November 04, 2019

what you are

We think — the mind cannot grasp such enormity.
There are 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe, each containing billions of stars. (
More likely, the mind is that enormity.

There is nothing to grasp.

That which is looking is that which is being looked through by that which is, itself, that which sees no-other.

Pray for one another.

Look alive!

One of the most fundamental questions in astronomy is that of just how many galaxies the Universe contains. The Hubble Deep Field images, captured in the mid 1990s, gave the first real insight into this. Myriad faint galaxies were revealed, and it was estimated that the observable Universe contains about 100 billion galaxies. Now, an international team, led by Christopher Conselice from the University of Nottingham, UK, have shown that this figure is at least ten times too low.
Take the next step.

See the surround.

Love what you are.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

nothing else seems to make sense

Prayer today.

Prayer tomorrow.

For one another.

a poem is being written

The rest of the article will wait upon Cardinal’s line.
“Creation is a poem.” (—Ernesto Cardinal, Cosmic Canticle)
Lead quote in Richard  Kearney’s God making, An essay in theopoetic imagination