Saturday, June 06, 2015

OAM! (Open air monastery)

Medieval days are over. When boys and girls were smothered by monasteries and convents in feudal motif and absolute obedience.


For good.

Today, a different understanding of God. 



And -- we can only hope -- not half as neurotic, psychotic, or officiously unbearable.

Friday, June 05, 2015

As it was in the beginning

Is now

And ever

Shall be

World without


This is how 

We pray

Thursday, June 04, 2015



It's where it all comes from.

Creatio ex.


(If you don't mind




Wednesday, June 03, 2015

after reading poem by Denise Levertov on variation of a theme by Rilke

On the mountain the aging German Shepherd tires during walk. His hind quarters buckle two or three times. Time nears.

In prison talk is of trust and feeling. Is stoicism for civilians? one asks. Is broken trust thrown in garbage? Is detachment the end of feeling?

We engage in dialectic. We converse. We argue.

It is learning.

We're doing it.

Her honor and task, once knighted, is an awakened "I can."

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

wool blanket stays on bed

44 degrees and raining.


Whether winter or late spring.

There's always weather.

For the talking.

Monday, June 01, 2015

One meets the Other

Found correlative to zero and one post:
Before there was One,” he said, “there was Zero, and inside that circle dwells the mind of God. One is the creation of the world. But when you have a world, you have things. So once you have One, you have Two, and then, sooner or later, infinity, infinite infinities. These are not just concepts; this is what creation is all about. Before the beginning was the Zero; in the beginning was the One. And since Two is already implied, you get curious about what would happen if the One meets the Other. Besides, there are so many things you can play with. Everyone knows that opposites attract. Well, sometimes there’s a kind of magnetic field between two opposite truths. You can use that to create something new. Or you can contemplate the two truths in such a way that they become one greater truth. They appear as if you were seeing the same thing with the right eye and the left eye, in a kind of depth vision.”
(--from, Meetings with the Archangel,  A COMEDY OF THE SPIRIT, by Stephen Mitchell  )
This is what we spoke about in prison Friday morning.

Our professors educate us for free. They are kind. No pomp. Just circumstance, just standing around, or, in our case, sitting around.

A seminar of circumstance.

We are grateful students.

papers please?

Soaker rain Monday morning new month. How passing of time changes clothes and assumes new names in its flight!

One by one we fall away from where we were. A seamless recycling continuance like water from cloud to mountain through brook to well through faucet into pitcher into glass then sipped coursing body passing out and back into earth.
How I hope to pass away 
While gazing at a round moon 
In a cloudless sky   
Shining over lotus flowers in full bloom. 
              -- Rengetsu (1791-1875)
I have no papers.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Thank you NSA for holding our stuff for US. We'll take it from here. 


Begin again. God is zero.
Everything else is one.
One imagines two and three.
Trimurti; Three Treasures; Trinity; 
Islam, Iman, & I'hsan.

questions follow answers

Like a passing train.

What life feels like?

Itself alone.

What is held as true about God?

(There's no
grade for

Heal all ill. Free all imprisoned. Visit each transitioning.

What is worth